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Things to Know about Lyme Disease

The commonly known tick-borne disease in U.S is the Lyme disease. Annually, the United States experiences more than 16,000 Lyme disease cases.
This type of disease (Borreliosis) is an infection caused by bacteria. This lyme disease is the result of Borrelia burgdorferi which is transmitted through a deer ticks’ bite. You can’t really notice these deer ticks because they are very small. This is why so many individuals that suffers Lyme disease said that they haven’t seen a tick. Because the tick remained on the people’s body longer, they develop the symptoms.

Majority of people having Lyme disease don’t take it seriously and they are making a huge mistake. Both your lifestyle and also health will greatly be affected with this Lyme disease and in the end, its chronic stage can give your body severe negative effects. Your lifestyle and health as well can get ruined because of the numerous negative effects you can likely get in Lyme disease. The Lyme disease is one of the world’s fastest growing disease that’s very infectious. A few symptoms that people with Lyme disease are experiencing includes, chills, joint pains, headache, stiff neck, fever, a skin rash or bull’s eye rash, muscle pains as well as fatigue.

The bull’s eye rash generally starts at the site of the tick bite. The rash at first is red tiny spot and then become bigger later on. The rash’s center looks like a “bull’s eye” or perhaps ring shape hence, the name. People with Lyme disease may suffer from a lot of red spots. These rashes also has an itchy as well as burning sensation. Anyway a couple of individuals don’t have any inclination on their rashes. In case you’re experiencing the said symptoms then you probably suffering from a Lyme disease and it’s advisable to seek treatment as soon as possible. You need to see a qualified Lyme disease specialist.

Visiting a renowned doctor is the best you can do to know whether you have a Lyme disease or not. It is good to then discuss together with your doctor the symptoms that you are suffering. To know if you have bull’s eye rashes on your body, a quick physical test performed by your doctor is recommended.

The next step that your doctor would do is to have you under several lab test to help figure out if you really have Lyme disease. Lyme diseases can surely be treated if you choose a qualified as well as trustworthy Lyme disease doctor. This is why you should do comprehensive search so to land on the best doctor.

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